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Site Announcement

Yesterday, we were given our permanent site locations. Robi and I have been placed in Jericho in the North-West Province. It is located about 45 minutes north-northwest of Pretoria, the Administrative capital of South Africa. The population of the town is about 30 thousand. Robi and I will be working with 4 different primary schools, starting up a centre where teachers can improve their subject content knowledge, and possible working with a youth centre in town. Robi and I are very excited about our home for the next two years and we are looking forward to having lots of visitors. For further information on Jericho, it can be located on Google Earth or at www.tourismnorhtwest.co.za. We visit the site starting on Wednesday. Soon we will be getting a cellphone and we are looking into laptops. Once we have both, we will be able to get online more regularly and stay more in touch with everyone. Lots of great things happening here and we already have some ideas about work at our new site.

Also, we have put some pictures online with Shutterfly at http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AcOWbRs2bN2Ljo&notag=1. Check them out. We will try to add more.


One Response

  1. Great to hear about your permanent home and to find it on Google Earth. Looking forward to your future posts. It was a tough day in Baltimore–the Orioles barely avoided last place and the Ravens somehow lost to the lowly Browns (sorry Robi). We hope you are both enjoying yourselves and look forward to hearing more.
    Brother Hugh

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