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Running for Charity

As Robi did in the past, we have both signed up for a 21.1 km run (half marathon) in South Africa. We will be running the Longtom, which alternates from running uphill one year, to downhill the next. There are multiple options for the run. We looked at the 50 km ultra-marathon, but opted for the half. We may be walking it in the end. We’ll see. However, we are not doing this because we are crazy (at least that is not the only reason). We are doing this to help a charity set up by a former Peace Corps Volunteer. The charity is called the KLM foundation. You can learn more about the charity using the link on the left side of the page. Please go to the website, read about the great things that they are doing, and donate in our names. Simply follow the links to DONATE and fill in either of our names. Doesn’t matter which, we will be splitting it 50/50. We appreciate your help. It goes for a great cause.


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  1. Hey Bro
    Good to hear from you guys. Not much new back here. The Orioles have traded the farm–Tejada is now an Astro, Bedard is a Mariner and Robert will probably be a Cub soon. They got a bunch of prospects, so they might be good when you guys get back in country.
    McCain will be the Republican nominee and Clinton/OBama is neck and neck. Very interesting times.
    Thanks very much for the Xmas/birthday gifts. I am wearing the SA Rugby shirt right now and it fits great.
    Hollie’s pictures are great, but Rob and I can’t wait to see it first hand. Hope you guys are well.
    Love Hugh

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