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Post about the post

I have had some questions about how to mail things to us. Here is the skinny.


When packages come in, we have to pay customs on it. The system that they use to calculate the customs due on a package is beyond me. I think that it is just random. However, customs is only due on boxed packages. Padded envelopes don’t seem to be charged. Also, when you state what is in the package, I think that they use that for deciding dues. So, used clothing and used sports equipment seems to have been the best for customs. Miscellaneous clothing doesn’t seem to work. So, in the end, if you don’t need a box, go with a padded envelope. If box is necessary, think of the least expensive way to describe what is in the package.


We have gotten stuff from family and SSFS (which was great, by the way). On a flat rate box from SSFS, it was about $6 to get. Another flat rate box from Kandy was $20. No rhyme or reason. But, the more that you send, the more pieces of the puzzle I will be able to put together, so keep them coming.



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