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Photo Albums from Hollie

With an almost non-existant internet connections, the thought of uploading photos is absolutely absurd (and causes much too much stress than it’s worth). Luckily, the incredible woman I married has a wonderful sister who took seven thousand pictures during her vacation, and posted them online. So, instead of uploading them myself, I am simply going to give you the webpages for you to browse the photos yourself. Below are the album web addresses and a little commentary by Hollie. (Thanks Hol!!)

Africa 2 – Dec 21_just arrived in the village of Jericho; headed over to the youth center to meet some of the kids.


Africa 3 – Dec 22&23: The Roadtrip up the coast begins….on our way to Kosi Bay, followed by Mozambique, Swaziland, & St. Lucia.


Africa 4 – Dec22-23; previous album continued…


Africa 5 – Dec 23…at the beach at Kosi Bay – Dec 24…Tembe Elephant Reserve – Location: KZN, South Africa


Africa 6 – Dec 24…Tempe Elephant Reserve – Location: KZN, South Africa


Africa 7 – Dec 24…Tembe Elephant Reserve – Dec15…Our 16hour drive to Fatima’s Nest Backpackers in Tofo, Mozambique – Location: Kosi Bay, KZN, South Africa & Tofo, Mozambique


Africa 8 – Dec 25….still on our 16hour drive to Mozambique… – Dec26-28….We’ve finally arrived in Mozambique!!!! We stayed @ Fatima’s Nest Backpackers in Tofo – Location: Swaziland & Tofo, Mozambique


Africa 9 – Dec26-30 – Location: Mozambique


Africa10 – Dec 29-30 – Location: Mozambique


Africa 11 – Dec 29_30 – the last night & next morning in Mozambique before driving to Swaziland – Location: Mozambique


Africa 12 – Dec 29…driving back to Swaziland to the Mlilwane Reserve – Dec30…first day at Mlilwane – Location: Mozambique & Swaziland


Africa 13 – Dec 30…first day at Mlilwane – Location: Swaziland


Africa 14 – Dec 30 – Location: Swaziland


Africa 15 – Dec 30 – Location: Swaziland


Africa 16  – Dec 30  & Dec31 Location: Swaziland (fyi: there are some morbid photos of a dead cow floating in the lake…)


Africa 17 – Dec 31 – Hike arond Mlilwane Reserve – Location: Swaziland

Africa 18 – 60 photos  – Dec 31 – Location: Swaziland

Africa 19 – 60 photos – Dec 31 – Location: Swaziland


Africa 20 – 40 photos – Dec 31 & Jan 1 – Location: Swaziland


Africa 21 – 60 photos – Jan 1

most photos were taken at the Swaziland King’s private residence. Someone invited us to watch a ritual dance, so we went. We ended up missing the dance because we had to run to the market to buy dani and robi a skirt before the guard let us in, but eventually we got in and we walked around and talked to a bunch of the advisors and other people hanging about. It was pretty amazing. – Location: Swaziland


Africa 22 – 60 photos – Jan1 – Location: Swaziland


Africa 23 – 58 photos – Jan 1…still continued…(FYI: Photos of a croc eating a dead cow begin at the end of this album and continue to the next album….its pretty amazing…but depending who you are..you may want to skip them…) – Location: Swaziland


Africa 24 – 60 photos – Jan 1 – (ADVISORY: PHOTOS OF A CROC EATING A COW.) – Location: Swaziland


Africa 25 – 60 photos – Jan 1 (FYI: Croc eating Cow Continued) – Location: Swaziland


Africa 26 – 60 photos – Jan 1 – CROC/COW continued – Jan 2 – We left Swaziland for St. Lucia, South Africa this day. However, before doing so we met Ted Riley for tea and a private tour of his lodge at 6am. Robi, Will, & I then hiked one of the mountains to look at the bushman cave paintings. (starts on page 3 if you want to skip the cow photos) – Location: Swaziland


Africa 27 – 60 photos – Jan 2 – Around Ted Riley’s Lodge and the hike up the mountain – Location: Swaziland


Africa 28 – 60 photos – Jan 2 – hike up the mountain – Location: Swaziland


Hope you like them.


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