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Africa and cold shouldn’t go together

IT’S FREEZING HERE!!! Not kidding. It gets down to freezing at night, then up to 75F during the day, in the sun. I am now realizing that we are near Antarctica. Last week, Robi and I went to Limpopo, the northern province in South Africa, and passed the sign for the Tropic of Capricorn. We were in a khombi (Minibus Taxi), so we couldn’t stop for a picture. Don’t worry, we know where it is now, and we will make it there before we leave.

This morning, Robi work up really early, beating the sun, but returned to bed a few hours later wearing sweats, fleece jacket, and stocking hat. Very cute. She is also under two blankets, with three pillows surrounding her.

Besides the cold, there are a lot of our friends and fellow volunteers that are going home. We sat and counted over 25 volunteers from the NGO and Education sectors that have, for a variety of reasons, gone home. Some for medical reasons, marriage, or simply feeling that they could be doing more at home. Very sad to say goodbye to people that we have become very close to over a relatively short time span. We wish them well, as I know they do for us.

That’s all for now.

Hope y’all safe, wherever you are. 


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