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Rainy Day Updates

It’s a rainy day in the North West Province. After a lazy day with a little gardening, I thought that I would sit down and give an update on my blog as to what Robi and I have been doing. I went on to my own blog and realized that I have not posted in over 2 months. My bad. Sorry about that. When I have not seen people in Jericho for over a week, I get a lot of questions. The answers hold true for this blog. “Yes, I am still alive.” “No I did not go back to America.” “No, I do not hate all of you.”

So I decided to write about what has happened since then, but I think that I will have to go by month. I will give a quick description of what we have done, and then I will give updates on the bigger things. So grab hold of your seat. Hear we go!


I last wrote on 20 August. I gave you an update then about everything that I have been doing. Since then, (1) my computer workshop for the Principals and management teams has ended. It ended with the beginning of September. It was very disappointing to see the number of participants slowly lessen over the course of the workshop. By the end, the principals and senior educators needed to be at their schools for submissions at the end of the term. (2) The workshops on creating syllabi and lesson plans didn’t happen. There was always something more important for the educators to attend to. So August ended with a lot going on, but most things were coming to an end.


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